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The Benefits of Computer Games

In earlier days, kids were chastised for spending too much time in front of a television. Nowadays, children are glued to the computer, playing games. Seeing concentration on their faces and determination not to move from the seat can be worrying to adults. Can this be good?Actually, children can benefit from computer games. For example, school children can benefit from a flash game that offers mathematical quizzes. They will be more attracted to solve mathematical equations in the quizzes, which feature colorful images and sounds. Interactive computer quizzes can also help students remember their tables faster.Normally, students will find history boring. A game can change this, preferably through a role-paying game. Teachers can entice students to learn more about history when students are given quests to complete in a game. Teachers can even include facts and short quizzes during the game, making it challenging and educational at the same time. This can turn an otherwise boring subject into an exciting journey.The health sector can also benefit from computer games. Medical students may be able to practice what they study through a 3D computer game. Reading a book or referring to lecture notes all the time might be boring so why not refresh your memory through a computer game?Apart from that, a computer game can also be used to raise health awareness. It can be used to ignite enough interest among the public, especially among students, regardless of their age. In order to ensure the public can easily access the game, a free online version may be a good idea.With the advent of computer games, it has now become easier to enjoy board games. Games like Monopoly, for example, can now be played online. The distance issue can be totally removed because we no longer have to be in the same room to enjoy a board game; we can even be in a whole different country. Users may also choose to compete with the computer for practice.A computer game can be an entertainment source while it can also be a learning tool. The important thing is we focus on how to improve it rather than shunning it away, seeing it as a total waste of time.